Okay so I just got myself one of these beautiful amps. I absolutely love it but theres one problem I hope someone can help me with.

When I plug into the second input on the second channel, the amp just crackles and cuts out every now and then. It doesn't cut out completely but there is a significant loss in volume. Its not my guitar or lead becuse they both work fine on the other three inputs.

Does anyone have any clue what's wrong here? And will I need to take it to a shop to get it repaired or is it something i could do myself?

Thanks in advance guys.
If you've just got it, was it a display model or B-Stock?
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its the tubes. mine did the same thing, shop replaced them for free because of the warranty. even if its something else take it back to where you bought it and have it fixed by professionals cuz it should be covered
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Well I actually had to get it delivered from another store because there were none left in my local store when I went in to actually buy it. It was delivered from another branch of the same store though. Would it still be covered ok?
ya should be. they told me that sometimes the tubes go bad from the bouncing around in the car or truck so them delevering it to you is probably what did it. just take it in and tell em waht you told us and theyll look at it but if i were to bet you just need a tube or two replaced
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SoLgEr is the ****ing man!!!!!
np glad i could help
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SoLgEr is the ****ing man!!!!!