Hi everyone on this forum, im making this question because i dont know wich guitar of these two should i buy.
First of all, don't think i added the Synyster Standard just because it's signature, i didn't know it was a signature when i first played it.
So, here it goes, both are the same price, and both feels so good to play on.

Schecter Devil Custom

* Construction: Set-Neck w/ Ultra Access
* Scale: 25.5"
* Body: Mahogany w /Solid Burl Maple Top
* Neck: 3-pc. Mahogany
* Fingerboard/Frets: Ebony / 24 Jumbo
* Inlays: "Devil Eye" at 12th fret
* Pickups: Active EMG 81 / 85
* Electronics: Vol/Vol/Tone/3-way switch
* Bridge: TonePros Thru Body
* Binding: Multi-Ply
* Tuners: Grover
* Hardware: Black Chrome
* Finish: Dark Amber Burst
Schecter Synyster Standard

* Mahogany body
* Bolt-on maple neck
* 25.5" scale
* Rosewood fingerboard
* 24 jumbo frets
* Deathbat and gothic-font SYN custom fretboard inlays
* 2 Duncan Designed HB-108 pickups
* Vol/Tone controls
* 3-way pickup selector
* Licensed Floyd Rose bridge
* Black binding
* Grover tuners
* Black hardware
* Black finish with silver pimp stripes
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IMHO, I think you'd be better off with the first one because of the better pickups and you wouldn't have the hassle of a sketchy LFR. Plus it won't have that obnoxious inlay...
Devil Custom hands down. The Syn Standard has nothing over it.
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Devil is just too sexy to not. no whammy but thats not a huge problem. the pickups make up for that.
you'll thank yourself that you don't have a guitar with a floyd rose

god those things are a pain =\
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Go for the Devil. Better pickups and without the hassle of a tremolo. The Synester, on the other hand, makes you look like an idiot thanks to the ridiculous inlays.
Devil FTW.
i've played the Syn custom, and it sucked. i can only believe the standard would be worse
Devil Custom hands down

I played the custom and it sounded like it's sound and tone was tied to the back of a pickup truck on a stormy night and driven through miles of mud and grime.

That being said, I don't think I even want to imagine what the standard would sound like.
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ill go with the devil as its more original (ie not someone elses sig guitar) and has better specs
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Devil Custom. MUCH better than the syn standard.
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If you just like the design of Syns guitar, go with a Avenger. If thats not what your looking for, then grab yourself the devil
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