Ok im planning on buying a 2x12 cab and i was looking around craigslist and found this. Now as the picture shows it has that oval opening, and for metal one often prefers a closed back to have a tight bass. Would this opening make a noticable difference?

Also, i was told that the speakers Vader uses are the Eminence Legends V128, the 120 watt ones. However i saw some people say they are not, that they are custom ones for vader. If so if i got v30s the max would be 120 watts, im assuming there would be some problems if i were to use a 120 watt head. Are there any other speakers good for metal that would be over 120 watts to have that headroom?
Nah - I don't think it would make a huge difference. It's pretty closed as it is. Besides, it would be relatively easy fill/block that opening or replace the back all together.

As far as speakers go - I thought that they were actually rated a bit higher then what they print, so I think you should be fine.

but yeah, get some more opinions.
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iso more options!

considering i know that they are 60 watt, is this rms or peak?

and can anyone shed light on the legends?
to the first page. Please, i am somewhat in a hurry as i found this on craigslist and i dont want it to pass by.
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Speaker Power Ratings (Thanks again Gabe):
Speakers are rated like amps, in RMS. This means that a 50W speaker will take more than 50W, generally a speaker can take up to twice the designated load. The reason for this is so a speaker can handle a 50W amp. So if you have a 1x12 50watt amp, using a 50W speaker is perfectly safe. It's also recommended not too overrate the speakers if you want breakup, so putting in a 75W speaker in a 5W amplifier is generally not a good idea. Since speaker can handle larger effects than stated it's generally safe if you have speakers that are slightly lower wattage than the stated amp, say a 25W Greenback in a 30W combo will not be dangerous.