Got a new mic today and started working on this cover to test it out. The main vocals were done by a friend, I did backing vocals and the guitar and bass. Drums were done in Acoustica Beatcraft. Looking for some feedback on what I've got so far and things I could do to improve it. C4C


(will be titled Dreams Cover in the myspace music player).

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I used to use Acoustica Beatcraft but I really hate the Snare sound they give you. Just sounds out of place - especially on this.

Check out the UltimateMetal forum as they have some drum samples on there. You should be able to pick up a better Snare.

I haven't heard this Fleetwood Mac song so i can't really compare it but It sounds pretty good.

Nice Lead tone. Decent clean rhythm tone for Reggae too. Can't fault the playing, seemed pretty tight all round.

The vocals were good. No pitch problems and a great voice. The backing vocals sounded good too.

I don't know if it's Reggae (Only the guitar I guess) but It sounds good anyway.
Flap it and enjoy yourself...

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