I have recently been looking into getting a guitar with either a tremolo(sp?) or a floyd rose. Basically I was just wondering what will be different with tuning them. I have always been a tune-o-matic guy so I have no idea. I have heard floyd's can be a pain to tune, I want to know why, and if a tremolo has similar problems.
all trem systems eventually knock the strings out of tune. Floyd's on here atleast, do seem to be a huge hastle. Others imo dont seem that bad.
Well Floyd Rose doesn't detune that much, but replacing strings is whats really a pain. I guess tuning would be harder than usual also, though. But it would probably be worth it because regular Tremolo System can detune really quick if your planning on doing a bunch of dive bombs, or just really abusing it.
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get a floyd rose. once you learn how to use it youll be glad you got one. everyone you hear complaining about them have never taken the time to relly understand how they work or how to keep them working properly.
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