The difference is this:
- The first one is bad.
- The second one is really bad.

You should at the Squier Standard Strats, the Yamaha Pacifica Stratocasters, or if you're in America then you could look at the Squier Affinity Strats too.
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same guitar, different choice in paint jobs
not to mention the start playing pack comes with all your extras
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I never notice a lot of difference between squiers, much of a likeness tbh. The second link is a pack that comes with an amp though - perfect for beginners.
Basswood - denser, more sustain, warmer tone
Agathis - lighter, brighter tone

You won't notice very much tonal difference through that amp though. Which is fine for a beginner, don't worry too much about what choice of guitar/amp you make at the start, as long as it works, and you learn to play, that's the important thing. THEN start worrying about kit and develop GAS to eat your wages.