To develop my left hand finger independence, my alternate picking (especially at awkward moments when I prefer economy) to help me stop anchoring completely, and to strengthen my pinky, I've decided I'm going to practice my scales and modes for 30 mins a day at around 30bpm, as well as this exercise:

I created this exercise to particularly focus on my weaknesses. My question is, is it a good one? Here it is:


Sorry tab sucks, the 4's ascending should be before the 3's.
And repeat...
Hmm, You'll have to try it to see if it helps, but i notice the 5 notes per phrase, which will help you snap straight to alternate picking instead of doing it economy. Good luck.

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Yeah, the 5 a string is good (especially as you're doubling the pinky, good stuff).

I'd reccomend a few variations on this as well, it's good, but you'll improve more if you vary the fingering pattern to something more awkward every time you have it "nailed".
Yeah, I was considering doing a few similar patterns and practicing them one after the other, then repeat. Thanks