Hello everyone!

I've recently got the Whammy IV! So, I was wondering if you could share some good songs that use this pedal?

I'm thinking Muse... Rage Against The Machine.. Radiohead? White Stripes?
yeh to be honest, you've just named the bands that i know use a whammy pedal

i know dimebag used one

i like:
Rage - most of his songs that killing in the name solo is pretty cool
Radiohead - Just is a good song
Becoming - Pantera
And Deththeme by Dethklok. (kinda hard though)
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Book of shadows 2?
you could do the keyboard solo from invincible by muse with one i think. that would sound pretty cool.
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...sounds like music to me
Some of the guitar work in Lit utilizes a Whammy pedal. Start with A Place in the Sun.
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My Iron Lung by Radiohead uses a whammy I think
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