May have been done before, and some people may or may not like it.

Either way may as well add that I'm selling a Traynor Custom Special 100. PM for details and check my profile for pics. Located in Saskatchewan.
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...dont play Fender just because its Fender.

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Here's some stuff I'm selling from Calgary. (I'm also looking for a 1x12 cabinet/Fender-y tube amp/head, tonepress or...?)

Catalinbread Valcoder Tremolo - $100
Boss PH-2 Phaser - $50
Boss BF-3 Flanger - $70
Boss PH-3 Phaser - $70
Boss AC-3 Acoustic Simulator - $70
Digitech Black-13 Scott Ian Distortion MultiFx - $60
Boss DD-5 (scuffed but works perfect) - $90
Boss MT-2 Metal Zone Distortion - $60
Boss DC-3 Digital Dimension (spotless mint) - $140
Ibanez PH7 - $40
Fender MIM P-Bass (red) - $300

(I also have 100s of records and CDs that I'm selling/trading. Let me know and I can send you a list)
I have an ESP LTD EC-400at that i wanna trade for an Ibanez RG-550 or 350dx or mdx im in edmonton