Ok so im fairly good at soloing and i love it but im joining in a band and i wanna learn to improve my rhythem for rock music, Is there anything i can do to improve my right hand movement its just not loose enough for that fast rythem i want to get
Honestly, dude, just practice. A LOT. Pick some songs you really like (the faster the better) and learn the rhythm guitar part for them.

The only specific song I can think of right now is For You ~ Staind. The intro is SUPER simple and not that fast in the original song but I would suggest learning it and playing it as fast as you can. (I do it... It's worked for me. )

Sorry I can;t suggest any other songs right no.
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grab a metronome, and practice all the usual rhythms (1/4, 1/8, 1/16). After that compose within the click. Add rests wherever you want to and keep it in time. Always aim for the click when restarting your rhythm sequence. Doing it this way will make your playing very interesting to listen to, and not just your playing, but the music becomes so much more stimulating to the average listener.

As for faster, well that just means a higher click. You say rock so I don't think you'll need to be super fast.