Ok here's the deal, while I don't have a great amount of pedals at the moment I plan on buying a fair few in the coming months, this however will present a problem with having to tap dance to turn on/off more than 1 or 2 etc pedals at once. As far as I remember there are boards for this where you can plug all your pedals in to like numbered section (so I have like overdrive in number 1, delay in number 2, chorus in number 3 for instance) then you can preset switches on the board so that say for 1 switch it'll just have pedals 1 2 and 4 running, and another switch would just have pedals 1 and 3 running. You get what I mean now anyway.

So, to the point, what the hell are these damn machines called and could some be recommended please.
Cheers guys.
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