I wrote this song earlier, it's about a relationship that just doesn't and will never work anymore. There are subliminal messages and inside things that might not really make too much sense at first, but seemed to fit when I wrote it. Please offer any feedback/criticism and I'll gladly return the favor if you wish. Thanks.

Btw, the order of the song would be Verse 1, Chorus, Verse 2, Chorus, Bridge, Chorus, Chorus.

Verse 1:

(Take your)
Scarlet gloves and your
Twisted words and you'll
Know that you're not mine
(When you)
Crawl down and you
Fall up
You'll understand it all in time

(My sky says)
Clouds drift and
People change
Light always turns to dark
(But when)
Dark dies
Wake up, restart
Light now has a new disguise

Verse 2:

(And now)
It's time
For something new
Time to reveal the truth
(See them)
Pant faster
Spell casters
Your reflection's hiding too

(Don't you)
Catch the hint
Sink in your sin
The hurricane comes now
(Just like)
Your shadow
You have no
Heart, no will, no pain

Yeah yeah yeah
Just leave
There's no more you and me
Yeah yeah yeah
(All you)
Are to me
Is just a fading memory
Yeah yeah yeah
There's no more you and me
Yeah yeah yeah
(They say)
Good things die young
Bring my life to peace
And leave

Dreams come to pass
Just like the cravings of a child
You're not who
You once were