hair metal. I only hear people doing extreme metal with this. I am sure extreme metal was not EVH's plan when he designed this amp, but do you think it would do a good hair metal tone?
Honestly it can pull off anything you want to pull off it just might be a little to american voiced if the band used british amp in the first place and you will have to deal with the wattage factor if your trying to get into power tube saturation.

And a side note Ted Nugent uses them and he is far from modern metal...
yes EVH designed the 5150 and the 6505 is the exact same thing
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it'll do the job well, but i think a XXX would be better for 80's

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What's wrong with the JCM800, they're kind of the standard hair metal amp...
It's all in the EQ. Boost the mids and cut back on the resonance, bass, and gain and you have a good hair metal tone. Granted it's a bit American voiced and can be some-what "dark" sounding, it'll do fine if you adjust it.

But by looking at your sig, I can't help but wonder why you'd be looking at a 5150 when you already have the quintessential '80s metal amp already (go buy a tubescreamer for it!).
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Thanks for the answers. There is nothing wrong with the JCM800, I am going to be doing some recording here soon and have an opportunity to pick up a 5150 and was thinking about using it for some rhythm work. I know the lead tones are killer, but I don't want to come off way too heavy in the mix and want a few tones to choose from. Again thanks for all the answers.
Most people forget she is a 2 channel amp and there is such thing as turning the gain down lol. So for lower gain rhythm work just use the rhythm channel and you will be fine.
^ Exactly what I was going to say.
On the crunch channel, it can get a good hair metal sort of tone out of it. You jsut have to tweak and tweak till you get the sound you want.
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Cool. Thanks for sharing. I am not really looking for it for a road amp. The JCM is a workhorse on the road. I just want some diversity to recordings and our sound is kind of hairband like.
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Yeah I am a bit of a gear collector. Luckily I have a big basement. What's in my sig in not even everything either. That is just what would fit.

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