...but unfortunately I cannot fork out a reported $12.000 to have Frank Tate custom build one for me as he did for them.

Quick note about myself: I have a nylon and steel string acoustic, but 98% of my playing has been on my electrics (Gibson LP and SG, Fender Strat). I have played actively for 25 years (Jeez!), mostly different shades of rock and blues. Technically, most of what Rodrigo does is within my reach, but trying to get Gabrielas rasgueado right leaves me looking and sounding like a complete noob. However, I am nothing if not dedicated.

I don't know much about acoustics. Obviously, I need a nylon string cutaway with electronics. I have read that the guitars of RodGab have low action necks which are a bit more narrow than normal for classical guitars.

My budget is not fixed, but I'd rather not pay more than $1.000, and happily less if good choices are available. Two possible options that I've seen on the net are the Manuel Rodriguez Model 11 Caballero Cutaway and the Cordoba Fusion 14

Help and comments most appreciated!
RyG are awesome, and yeah I would love to have that rasgueado like her! Your best bet is to try some guitars out in person. I have a Yamaha nylon string cutaway with electronics. The width of the neck is about the typical classical guitar but the thickness of the neck is like an electric. The action is relatively low too. I think it was in the $600 - $800 CDN range. SO now you know such a guitar exists, I'm sure you'll find one with your budget.
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god I love them

one of my long term classical projects is to perfect rodrigo's line with my fingers on my classical

and I can do some of gabriela's stuff, but nowhere near as well. shes amazing
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