I wanna learn to play a new instrument. I already play, guitar, Dulcimer, bass, and Baritone. I would like something stringed, but I'll consider anything.

The price range needs to be $100-$150
Already thinking about: Harmonica

Thanks UGers!!
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I would definately go with keyboard. I personally don;t play it, but I've heard it's great for practicing theory.
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mandolin maybe?
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Keyboard. Good for theory, and you can use VST's.

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Balalaikas are awesome. I have one, but cannot play it too well because I am trying to learn the proper technique (using your thumb to fret) and it is a bitch after playing guitar/bass for the whole time.
Keyboard gives you versatility but Mandolin is also good. Especially for accurate fingering. Violin is tuned like Mandolin so the two could go together to some extent. Both are great in Folk and folk-rock music.