Ok this inquiry isnt really about a guitar specifically but i need guitar players input on a few things. For my culminating math project i plan to do a study genres and the most common Guitar brand associated . Then, after each genre poll UG and see how many of those who own that guitar play that genre. I did not want to put this in the pit because i am afraid of faping, cumming blood, putting icy hot on it and such.

Anyways, i will be naming some of the genresi know and you are welcome to input some that i may not have mentioned. Brands such as Gibson and Epiphone will be treated as one.

Note: Electric Guitars

Hard Rock
Country (with electric guitar)
remember fender, ibanez, jackson esp...

not sure if you'll be allowed this post to be honest.. but i aint the boss

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Metal - Jackson
Hard Rock - Gibson
Rock - Fender/Gibson
Jazz - Only thing that comes to mind are hollowbodies - Gibson/Epiphone I guess
Blues - Fender
Country - Fender Telecaster
Metal - ESP
Hard Rock - Gibson
Rock - Fender
Jazz - - Gretsch
Blues - Fender/Gibson
Country - Fender Tele
Metal - Schecter
Hard Rock - Jackson
Rock - Gibson
Jazz - Gretsch/Gibson
Blues - Gibson/Fender
Country - Fender

Just for the record...
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you shouldn't ask guitar players these questions, because opinions will vary. look at the most famous musicians in each genre and then make your choices
It's all about feel
Metal: ESP/Jackson/Schecter/Ibanez
Hard Rock: Gibson/Fender/Jackson
Rock: Gibson/Fender/basically any traditional solidbody company
Jazz: Monteleone
Blues: Fender/Gibson
Country (with electric guitar): Fender/Gretsch
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You CAN play anything with anything....but some guitars sound right for some things, and not for others. Single coils sound retarded for metal, though those who are apeshit about harpsichord probably beg to differ.
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Just for the record...
Beat - Rickenbacker


Actually, it might be a good idea to include beat in that poll, it was damn big back then. Punk should also be included I think.