Hi well I'm pretty bored and Idk if something like this is posted so I'll just post it and see what happens. Well the point of this thread is to let people know who you are so just give a short bio on yourself.

Hi I'm Richard I'm 18 I've been playing Guitar,Piano,And Bass for awhile I listen to all kinds of music every genre but my favorite bands are Nirvana and The Beatles. I also plan on going to college in sept. at HCC in Mass for Music/Libral Arts. I have a strumming pattern blog in my UG profile witch I love doing. I spend most of my free time listening to music,practicing music,On UG, and on Myspace. My scrennname is also a typo is was supposd to be "Wonderwall7" but my "R" button didn't want to work for me. Thats about it So I'll see you around.
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I read that as Short Mario Bros.
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