So UG, i have a new amp upgraded from a Spider III 75 which i used to record. I loved the quality and even the tone i got from the Spider WHEN I RECORDED and i liked the interface. I am thinking about getting a floor POD mainly to record with and to use live for some things needing effects. I was just wondering if anyone has expirience with one of these recording and how they sound. I currently have a Digitech RP350 but i cant get my sound out of it.





were what i was looking at.

Any help or comments would be awesome!!!!
Hey, I own the PodXT Live. I love it. It was probably one of the best investments i have made. The price is a little steep of $400. It is awesome and you wont regret it. I have used i live a few times and it is awesome. You can download tones off of customtone.com and you can make your own.
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I was going to write something mean, but you seem new, so I'll go easy. But, imo, in the long run you're going to just want a good amp and a good guitar, maybe a delay or something like that if you find the need for it. but mostly, none of that clutter. Also, line 6 sounds like computers, that isn't my opinion, that is a fact, you put your signal through a computer, you sound like a computer. Save up and buy something tube and you won't ever regret it. but that part is my opinion.

However, if you do go multi-effects, the Boss ME-50 is ballin, and its got more than you need if you know how to EQ something and is imo the best multi effects pedal, I had it for a couple years before I sold it and my Crate for something with a little more quality
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