Hey guys, this may sound like a strange request but if anyone owns a MH-1000 in see-thru black or see-thru blue (preferably blue) then would ya mind posting a pic of it on here. Its cuz i am gettin one next week but cant decide on which colour to get. the black looks awesome but i cant find any good pics on the net apart from official ones like off the esp website, but they never look as good on there, so i would just like to see any of yours if you have time.
I have an MH-250... so sorry. haha. I'm too poor to afford the MH-1000.
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a guy on youtube uses the MH-1000, musicman1066, he's called.
check him out to see what it looks like in the black
I got some pictures of my old MH-1000 in cherry black finish in my profile.

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