I was looking at the Ibanez Art-100 or a MIM strat or an G400 are theese all ok to mod up the pups later on so they will sound better? ANy suggestions, I dont want too pricey guitars 400 is the limit i "WANT" to mod
i agree with the start. ts what type of styles do you play?
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Yes, what style?
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Mexican strats are good and look into the OLP guitars. They sound good stock and have nice necks. They look like the old Eddie Van Halen Musicman guitars.
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Well personally I think an upgraded standard strat can be a fantastic guitar. What's your budget, exactly, and what type of music do you play?
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yeah, those should be fine (i haven't tried the ibanez though). yamaha pacifica would be a good call, too (112 or above).
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Yes, the MIM Strat would be nice, but the Ibanez ART100 wouldn´t be bad either. It all depends on what you like best. Just go to a guitar store and play some guitars and pick the one that feels best in your hands and sounds best to your ears.
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