hi, i've been playing guitar for a long time, like 5 years, but maybe i'm at a level of someone who learnt it properly for 2 lol. i can play pretty much any song i want with the tab infront of me and i dont usually go for solos.

anyway i need help because at the moment, my brain feels like a sponge for guitar, everyday i've been able to constantly play my guitar, suddenly i can remember songs better than before, like i could think of neil young, saves the day, prince, ataris,oasis,sterephonics,foo fighters or weezer and crank out a medley of hits, its pretty awesome.

my problem is that i want to learn more!! what do you guys suggest, i play minimal finger picking stuff such as in songs like rhcp or x japan endless rain its all ok, tears in heaven its ok i got it, i like to play some jazzy stuff with jazzy bluesy chords in recently just so i'm not always power chording or stickin to 3 frets. what else should i look into.

i dont know about technical stuff of guitar playing, i never bothered with scales, should i just learn all the scales what do you guys suggest. i feel that with playing guitar its a case of leveling up, one day a song is hard, then play some songs, suddenly the song is easy elements of other songs have unlocked this song. i want to learn other elements that open up more levels. any suggestions would be much appreciated

Comprehension of scales, modes, and theory, in general, is always a very good thing to have. It'll increase your comprehension of the music, which should be a necessity. You should look into classical music and themes. There are plenty of posts on here that will help you with that.
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