Hey, I'm looking for a new amp and I may be getting a used amp, but if you could help me out that'd be appreciated. I play through an Epiphone SG-310 and play stuff like The Clash, The Hives, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Rush, and Satch. My budget is $350 USD.
I was considering a Fender amp, but I'm not sure.
Thanks in advance!
maybe a used Fender Blues JR if you want a Fender amp
with an OD you could handle most of those bands and with a Vox satchurator you can handle AC/DC and Satriani
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It sounds to me like you want more of a British voiced amp. For $350, I'd go with a used Peavey Classic 30.
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+1 to the blackheart, check out the little giant, its 350 new. i've played it a few times at samash, it's nice.
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