hey guys
just wondering if you guys knew what pedals these are>

the one he's fiddling with and the black one with the white knobs far left

sorry the image isn't color, that would have helped
its not a good picture

sorry but i'll try my best

the thing he is fiddling is definitely a Rocktron pedal and the white one i think is a Boss delay
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Yup, its definitely the Line 6 Delay Modeler hes' fiddling with.
It couuuld be the Line 6 Synth Modeler if it's purple colored, and not green though.

Looks like more of a green color to me though.
off the pedalboard to his left looks like a boss tremolo
the white pedal on the pedalboard is a boss digital delay (dd-3, dd-7)
the compact pedal next to that looks like a boss rv-3 reverb but that's really hard to tell.
the big pedal next to those is a boss volume pedal.
the pedal to the right of the board appears to be a boss tu-2 tuner.

without color i'm helpless on the line6 modeler.
I think the top left (the dark pedal) could be some kind of Digitech. Previous posters go the rest down correctly.
thank you guys, yes i believe that it's a line 6 dl-4

i saw them play (lost valentinos) the other night and it was a dark green colour

thanks again for your quick help
Yep, as said, the fiddling one is either a DL4 or an FM4. As for the black one, I can't pick it, but I would guess it was probably an upmarket overdrive or fuzz.
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