recently my frien got me into some celtic/irish rock. these bands such as Enter the Haggis, the Pouges, and the Dropkick Murphys. i never really liked them that much but as i started to listen to them some of these bands really jam. i went to see enter the haggis live and they blew my mind they rock!!! im i the only one or do celtic rock bands straight up jam??

And yes, the Pogues are amazing.
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All great bands that have been mentioned. The Mahones haveta be added to the list, they are a Canadian band and I personally much prefer them to The Pogues
i mostly stick with The Pogues and Flogging Molly.

Flogging Molly are one of my favorite bands. their live show is absolutely amazing. i'm going to see them again on March 13, and i can't wait.
Flogging Molly are good live, but dont really listen to them.
Dropkick murphys are waste apart from a few tunes.
Pogues are top.

Know theres others, but none of them are particularly good until you go back into the more folky stuff.
Great Big Sea
Spirit Of The West
Flogging Molly
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dropkick murphys, poques, flatfoot 56. greatest celtic punk eva
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idk if its really rock though, just a celtic group.

or some celtic metal... cruachan, primordial, skyclad
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A mate of mine played guitar for a half decent band called Neck .. should check them out if you get a chance.. They did a tour of the US last summer too..
Ensiferum > All other celtic bands :P

Please use tags for tabs....
Do you know Celkilt ?
it's a new celtic rock band

you can seem them here :


they have a .com, a facebook and a youtube profile !

enjoy !
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