so ive nailed it down to these two choices
i can easily say eric johnson,srv, and john fruiscante are my biggest influences on playing style and tonal needs
like mentioned in another post, i also love radiohead and the strokes, pearl jam, red hot chili peppers, etc.
i play blues/rock/indie, and i play gigs roughly 200-600 people, depending on the venue.

keeping that in mind, would a blues deluxe reissue suit me better, or would a vox ac15?

also, whats more reliable?

note: i havent actually had time to try an ac15 since my local shop does not carry one

edit: i have a myriad of pedals, drive/distortion channels dont infleunce my decision too much
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You don't need to bumb after half an hour.

but I like the AC15 a lot. Some people say it isn't that good but I think it's a great amp. Since you say drive doesn't influence your decision much, the BD is great too. You may want to consider that the AC15 won't have a ton of headroom. You really should just try them out as they have very different voicings
Both are great amps, I own the Vox AC15, and I absolute love the cleans, and the drive a sweet, sharp british crunch.

In this case though, the Blues Deluxe Reissue would probably be better for you, but I recommend testing out the AC15, it's worth it. It takes pedals wonderfully too, by the way.

is it just me, or does the ac15 have very little bottom end?
it sounds too sparkly, from the videos i've watched
Vox's are usually too bassy. With those tones, BD is easily the way too go. With Vox think 60's British invasion type of tone.