Poll: What Avenged Sevenfold do you hate?
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Their New Stuff
4 15%
Their Old Stuff
1 4%
All Their Stuff
14 52%
I actually like them
8 30%
Voters: 27.
I know alot of people here hate Avenged Sevenfold, and I'm fine with that, but is it the new stuff the old stuff, or well, all the stuff.

People call them generic now, but in 2003 when they had the metalcore album (waking the fallen) metalcore wasn't as popular and it was original then.

But my real question is, when people say they hate avenged sevenfold, is it because of the new stuff (city of evil and up) or the old (waking the fallen or Sounding the seventh trumpet) or both.

Oh, and i was thinking of putting this in the Bands And Artists Forum, but, i know most of the pit hates them, and that was the general group i was asking.

Yes, poop.
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All the stuff!!! I just disslike most metalcore!
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i like their old stuff quite a 'bit. now that he doesn't scream though...not so much.
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Their ok, not my favorite.
'member The Pit of 10'? oH, I 'member!

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Waking the Fallen is definitely their best album, than Sounding the Seventh Trumpet...and yeah that's pretty much it
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They have a few songs that I'm quite fond of. People just hate them because they will jump on any bandwagon for any reason, simply to hold the popular opinion. They will veil this thinly through whinging about musicianship, which they probably know little about anyway.

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