I was playing my guitar and all of a sudden my A string suddenly bent and flew out so now I'm trying to replace it. When you put the string through the peg, which way is the hole in the peg supposed to face? I read that the hole in the peg is supposed to be facing down towards the neck but mine is facing sideways so when I put the string through it's just really bent. I dunno how to explain it better.
The nerve of somebody coming to a forum about beginner guitar and asking a beginner guitar related question!

The tuning peg position is arbitrary, it doesn't need to face any way. Assuming you have a typical bridge, you just insert the string through the body and down the neck. Depending upon where the peg is, it may need to wind clockwise or counterclockwise, so pay attention to that part then wrap it a couple times in that direction before inserting it into the hole. Then just tune it, but expect for it to drop out shortly thereafter while it settles into the tension, so retune it again after a short period.
You don't need to worry about which way the hole is facing you when you restring. Here's a nice guide that someone posted earlier that I thought would be great for a beginner, see if it helps you out -


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Was funny, although it wasn't called for. And what's wrong with the spelling?
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Was funny, although it wasn't called for. And what's wrong with the spelling?

It said "Relpacing a guitar string".