I'm looking into getting an ENGL E530 pre-amp and am looking around at different poweramps to go along with it.

With the pre-amp being tube, what will the difference be between having the poweramp being SS or tube? Will it make a noticeable difference?

I am fully willing to go used to save every dollar I can, my budget for a power amp is really based on how much I can find a E530 for, but I'd assume anything above $400 is probably pushing my luck.

I am looking to play to Metal/MeloDeath, I am considering the 5150 head as well, so please dont try to sway me away from the E530, I know I have options .

EDIT: Maybe something like this?


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yeha i m kinda interested in a separate poweramp as well...the mesa simul classes look fing awesome...the 2:90.

in europe i can find them for around 600-700E so...