i just started sweeping, and im horrible at it
anyone have any tips that could help me out
anything will help
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Look in the lessons. Start with three string sweeps at say 120 BPM and slowly work your way up to speed, then add a string. The best thing you can do is really start slow and speed up gradually. It takes some people a few weeks to get it, but if you're a fast learner like me, it will just take a couple of days.
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look up videos on youtube. they were a big help to me. but after reading it i immediately understood the concept, the only trouble that i had and still have is getting my fretting hand to move faster.
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A decent brush helps. LOLZ.

Uhm, i'd suggest spider exercises or some beginner youtube videos. Take it slowly and try to get the sweeping motion down before going to advanced. Hang in there too, it's a horrid technique when you first try it.

Sweeping is tricky - if you've just started then of course you're going to be crap at it.

Also, how accurate and clean is your picking in general, because if it's not already pretty damn good then you're not going to be able to sweep.
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Yeah, definetly start slow and use a metronome when possible, if not all the time. If you don't have one at home, there's plenty of free ones you can use online.