Yea he's good.

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Yeah, the thing I really like about Tony Macalpine is that he is not only a great guitar player, but also a great musician, something a lot of guitarists could use. Personally, he is what I wish I could be when I am in a band. Kudos to you, Mr. Macalpine!
Fun Fact: Tony MacAlpine's grandmother was the first black woman to graduate from my city's university.


Oh, and he kicks ass.
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I've had a lot of fun editing his page, especially from the drivel it used to read earlier last year. Plus, making the individual pages for his albums was an enjoyable task - I just love the guy's music to death, and wish he'd release something new. Anything at all!
Saw him live playing with the Devil's Slingshot in 2007. Was incredible to watch him performing with Billy Sheehan and Virgil Donati, all of them are just unbelievably talented. The album they did was pretty good too.