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So, I have come to the conclusion that I need a new, louder amp. And after doing much research, I have also come to the conclusion that separate heads/cabs are a bit too complicated for me :P

The main problem now is that it is very difficult for me to try out amps. I live in a hick town that is considerably lucky to have even one Guitar shop. And as such they have like, two bass amps. I could get one ordered in to try -and most likely buy- but I don't know which one. I need something really versatile, and it needs to be able to hand the low B and possibly a double bass. I have these ones picked out, but I don't really know much about them.

The Accoustic: I've heard nothing but good from them, but in order to try one out/buy one I would have to border hop, which isn't too appealing, and kind of a pain.

The Kustom: Tried it outonce, briefly, and I really like it. The main problem is that it's a bit expensive. So, if I can find something even close to it for cheaper, I'd rather that.

The Ashdown: I've been leaning towards that one, but apparantly I don't get the full 307 watts. For that price, it seems a bit expensive.

Sorry if I screwed up the poll, never done one before.

Edit: Links usually help


links are in order of the poll options

Secondedit: I play an ibanez sr505 mainly and possibly an upright too. (With a preamp)
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i have the MAG. its great and its plenty loud my friend :P
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Do you know how much you get out of it without the extension cab?

For anyone who happens to care ( ) this is probably going to be be my 16th birthday present/christmas present, plus I'll be paying for some of it. that's why price is so important. Especially because I'm 15 with a part-time job, and half of all my pay goes towars uni.
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Not too sure about the fender though. I don't like Fender basses, and I've heard that the amps aren't as good quality/whatever as their basses. Thanks for the suggestion though (: I'll look into it anyways
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I've never played through a Nemesis (at least that I can remember). But if it were me and I were looking at combos, I'd look at Ashdown and SWR. Kustom in that price range is good as well, just avoid their less expensive models. Acoustics are good but for my taste a little too transparent. They have their fanboy base here so I'm sure someone will chime in soon.
I looked at Markbass, but they were too expensive I really wish that I didn't have to be so picky, but I do. I also found out today that I need to buy a laptop. So now, my budget is $600canadian at the most. Thanks for voting on the poll/offering input (:
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Fender Bassman 250.

this is what i was gonna suggest too, if you get one fet the 2x10 and heres some linkage http://bass-guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Fender-Bassman-250210-Bass-Combo-Amp?sku=480870
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I said ashdown, the mag serious etc, Have you looked at trace elliot, there more exopensive but way worth it.
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from that list i'd be inclined to say the ashdown, my two cents would be a gallien krueger mbs150 or mbe150, its an 150 watt 12 inch speaker that weighs basically nothing, (about 10kg/23ish pounds) the tone is great and its also commonly used for upright basses. its surprisingly loud and GK also make a GK extension cabinet for it if you really want a very loud amp. i'm not sure about low b but should be fine in a well made amp like that.

im probably really biased cos i love mine
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Have you looked at trace elliot, there more exopensive but way worth it.

I've looked at them, but they're way too much


that GK looks awesome, I checked it out. It's a bit expensive, but I may be able to work it out. It really sucks that my new amp has to be put on hold, because of the laptop. I plan on getting a new job at a guitar shop, so maybe after my laptop I can save up for the more expensive amp. Do you have any experience with the Goldline series? this was one I was looking at too, but it seemed a bit excesive. (Nevermind that I don't have that much money)