This machine that I'm becoming, the
cold metal of my skin,
its something that I planned on happening.
Theres something about
metal-on-metal, grinding gears and wheels,
that turns me on.

It's like, watching yourself die, only better,
you watch it in slow motion,
with play by play commentary,
I'm more cynical than any preacher ever was.

I don't want to stop this from happening,
this part in the movie where the actor
cuts open their soul, and has one of those self-aggrandizing moments,
and opens themselves to the world,
except I opened up mine,
and it was just dust.
It was somewhat a bit anti-climactic.

But I really can't stop now,
this is where the good parts get good,
and why would you want to give up when youre about to-

I'll continue with my pseudo-deep thoughts
and I'll continue to compare myself to god,
I too work in mysterious ways.

euhh c4c