I'm doing this chord changing exercise to help build speed. Its the 1 min exercise from www.justinguitar.com

Basically it I'm using a stop watch to time one min. and play chords C,G,D,A,E sometimes in different order as fast as I can make them clearly if i mess up on a chord I don't count it(this also works as kind of a penalty system since you wasted that time)

My best is 32 but I have only been practicing for a few days now.

Also I know a few more chords but right now I'm am working on these and sometimes I do add a few more like F,Am,Em,D,C7,G7,E7,D7 but I want to get the first five down before I get carried away with the rest. My memory is not so good either so I figure Ill add a chord at a time and repeat the name of each chord as I play it to imprint it in my brain. To many drugs back in the day I guess.

How many chords can you make in one min.?
over 9000.

no but seriously, open chords are a excellent thing to learn when you're just starting up. They should absolutely be second nature to you.

Work on barre chords afterwards.
Yeah ill be moving on to barre chords when the time comes. My main reason for this is to see where a good place to stop doing this would be I don't want to be playing 7000 chords a min. and think man I have to get to 9000 before I can move on.
I guess I'll kinda know when the time comes to move on.
Bah .. amazing when I was first starting to play eons ago I had to do something like this for the instructor. Yet after years and years of not playing I find it's great to go at it again.
So anyone else feel like posting their score?
Use only C,G,D,A,E and see how many times you make those chords in one min.