Well, I found an AC cable in my computer room and was wondering a couple of things. I want to know if I can plug it into my pedal and have it supply it power like a 'normal' AC adapter. (I'm asking now, b/c I don't want to fry my pedal) Now does the information on the cable have to match the specs on the pedal for it to work? The cable says 12V on it, but the pedal is a 9V. Also theres a thing about plug polarity, and I'm pretty sure it doesn't match. The jack on the cable fits in the pedal, I just want to know if it will work without frying the pedal. Thanks in advance.
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K well im not an expert but id say since the voltage doesnt match and the polarity doesnt match it prolly wont work it might not fry ur pedal but it most likely wont work. Just go to a local music store most have ac adaptors that come with changable sized plugs a switch that changes voltage and changable polarities
Yes the polarity needs to be correct, Some pedals can accept 9 to up to 24 v depending on the pedal.

If you have a spare one, try a cordless phone power supply they are usually negative centre pin polarity
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