Here's some power metal for you guys. Drop C. C4C. ^^

EDIT: Fixed the bass during the chorus.
Drop C Power Metal.zip
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The two solos were really good. Im not too sure about the part at the beginning with the strings though. I didnt really like during the chorus when the bass line had the triplets, i wasnt too sure if it sounded in time. Great Song though! would love to hear it on a real guitar!
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Like the person above me, I wasn't too sure about the strings during the intro either. I would either let the strings continue throughout the song or just take that out completely. The first riff that I really liked from this song would be the one that started around the 28 second mark, the ones before it weren't anything too special for me. I also thought that the break around 46 seconds with the bass was a bit awkward and didn't really flow too well.

From what I've heard so far, I'd say your strengths in this song are really in the leads. The riffs that I did like were more in a lead style and the solo was also nice, but I haven't really liked too many of your just rhythm riffs. The drum break around 2:20 sounds a bit dull to me, but with a better beat I'm sure this could be a lot better of a section. The riff around 2:48 had a cool sound to it, this is probably my favorite section of just rhythm so far, good job here. The solo comes next, and like the first, is pretty good for the most part or I enjoyed it at least.

Overall I'd say your strengths with this song were really in the leads rather than the rhythms. Some of the flow of the song sounds a bit awkward to me because of some of the breaks you had in it, such as the bass one or the drum one while the guitar sustains. The section at 2:48 did a really good job of grabbing my attention and it held it throughout the rest of the song, this was probably my favorite part of your song. The other rhythm riffs weren't anything too special to me and could probably use some work. The song has its strengths, but at the same time sounded a bit dull in some places, not too bad though.

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Thanks for the crit on Destory The Toilet man.

The string intro gave it a cool feel, something like that always grabs my attention because it's like ominous, I was expect something other than what I got. So that kept me in the loop. The parts of the intro with the guitar were cool, I dig that riff a lot, then the verse started out slow and kicked in nicely. The chorus was very nice, liked the usage of the octaves. The first solo, left me suprised... a lot! That was righteous dude, I loved it. The breakdwon starts up really slowly, and that may be my only complaint, but otherwise when it got to it's climax it was very nice. The outro solo was also very nice, those three measures of triplets were okay, but kind of obnoxious, the sweeps were cool.

9/10. I'd love to hear it on a real guitar dude. Great job!
I agree with the majority. All solos were awesome. Keyboards at start were good, the coming in rhythm was really good, but at the very start the lead sounded a bit retarded- into the first amazing solo though. The fast bit seemed to come up a bit sudden, but it was quite good. The only bad thing was that the bass in thirds wasn't really in time at all. You seem to leave a bit much space between the different "sections" I think, but then the bass drum part is good, with the other instruments coming in. The harmony bits in the last solo don't sound right, its probably mostly the volume differences that do it.
Really good though, I was just pointing out the bad bits really.

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