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8 3%
I don't have a phone/ringtone.
52 17%
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Is it music or spoken word?

Plus for spoken words, i need some good ideas, like famous movie lines or something.

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"I cum Blood"
Tonight, we stagger out from the basement...

I'm sick of not having the courage to be an absolute nobody.

...Or fall to our deaths from above
The Legend of Zelda Overworld theme for call, and Never Gonna Give You Up for Texts (Text Roll as I like to call it)
Stare at the sun - Thrice
"Insecticon" of the Predacons Beast Wars Club
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You make me feel
Like a dog, you can see, my emotions
Is this for real, i'm a man
Sinking deep, in the ocean
Ringtone is a Venetian Snares song, text tone is one variation of Jim Carrey as Ace and 'Alllrighty then'
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Mine is Sabbra Cadabra. and sometimes whatever the **** else ones I have.
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its usually on vibrate, but if not, i use modest mouse's "dramamine". the guitar intro part all the way until the vocals come in.
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Remember through smells
Remember through colors
Remember through towns
-Modest Mouse, "Novocaine Stain"
BZZZZZZZZZ! Usually texts are on silent so I don't get interrupted by BZZZZZZZZZZ every second.
I'm a MAN!
i actually got a few. i can't remember what each one plays for but of the ones i remember, i got (in no particular order):

Power Rangers Theme Song
Show Me Your Genitals

and for Cigaro, its not that lame standard one either. i customized it so it starts off "My **** is much bigger than yours!" i love it when it plays when the ladies are around. lol.
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i can't kill anyone, so i play music
Bullet in the Head by Rage Against The Machine for texts and My Generation for calls
For calls I have Vitamin R (Leading Us Along) by Chevelle.
Rock On

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I Receive Nourishment From My Amplifier. Food Is For The Weak.

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i've got 2112 ,the chorus of Temples, by Rush.

And The guitar riff for bring it on home, by led zep. i win.
bloodmeat-protest the hero
Call me Justyn

τλε τρπ βπστλεπλσσδ
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Mine is just a vibrate because I'm terrible for forgetting to switch to silent at night. Also because I don't get many txts/calls, so its never urgent for me to get to my phone right away.

I used to have the MGS Codec noise as a ringtone, but that was on my old phone.

My alarm however is that "Rica-tica-tick-tock" clip from "Tom Goes to the Mayor" lol Best thing to wake up to...
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Face of Melinda by Opeth
Knife-wrench by The Janitor
South of Heaven by Slayer
Generic SMS-tone
Diary of Jane by Breaking Benjamin for phone calls
Law & Order SVU theme when my mom calls
Vindicated by Dashboard Confessional when my roommate calls
Dismantle.Repair by Anberlin for texts
Wonder Whats Next by Chevelle for alarm
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M. Night Shyamallama

Straight to the Bank - 50 Cent. with subtitles.

No but really.. i think i had it as Stockholm Syndrome last time i checked =/ its usually on silent. i shall have to search for a new ringtone!
Mines Currently

Labyrinth - Enter Shikari
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For texts I still have the "stock" tone cos I bought this phone off a friend and have barely meddled with it.
For call it's "Get the Hell outta here" by Steve Vai.
My alarm is Surf Vamps by Suburban Vamps. You end up hating what used to be a cool song.
vibrate for texts
eine kleine nachtmusik by mozart for calls (nobody ever calls me, don't worry)
Engines of hate - Nevermore at the moment. I used to have Soul Glow from Coming to America. That was awesome when people phoned me in a quiet place and suddenly there'd be some uber loud steamy sax coming from my phone
Rule number three: Never open the package

It's magic magic baby!

Some Hives song for calls, and Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt - We are Scientists for texts.
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Am female. Finally have bass!

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Muse = genius.
Bury Tomorrow - These Woods Aren't Safe For Us

...i think
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i have both music and spoken words.

calls: the main lead from this dying soul by dream theater
texts: mr. t saying "MAIL MUTHA****A!"
Go Veg.
The Fall Of Troy - F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X. for calls.
and "Mmm that IS a tasty burger!" for texts.
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