I just bought a Danelectro Free Speech Talk Box on eBay, and I bought a new mouth piece for it on musiciansfriend. I know that on the Free Speech you don't even need the mouth piece but I want to use it anyway. Also, from what I've heard, everyone keeps the mic in their mouths. My question is on talk boxes do you have to have the mic in your mouth or can you have it attached to a microphone stand and just speak into it?
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i thought you used a platic tube that was in your mouth for talkboxes.

Yea, it's a little plastic tube, and I don't know how to use. I dunno if I blow or suck or talk into it. *insert fellatio jokes here*
Easily the second best guitarist from Oklahoma City
I *think* that you just talk silently with the tube in your mouth. The sound comes out through the tube, and you form words by moving your lips and talking. The mic picks up the sound coming out of your mouth.
i dunno how that one works but my rocktron banshee plays the guitar sound through the tube and you put a mic by the end of the mouth part of the tube and when you talk of move your lips around or whatever it changes the sound and thats how you get what you get. words are hard at first but you can get cool wah wah type sounds pretty easily
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