What's the website where it tells you why a movie is rated what it is?

Like if I went to this website and typed in "so and so movie" it would come up with a page that said its rated r because at --:--:-- so and so cuts so and so's dick off, you know?

does anyone know?

i knew it when i watched the texas chainsaw massacre, but now i dont remember.
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What Powerhouse said.

Or you may be looking for www.kidsinmind.com

Does anyone know if there is a site like this for video games?
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It usually tells you why its rated and what scenes it is that makes it rated that way.
at --:--:-- so and so cuts so and so's dick off

I lol'd uncontrollably at that, don't know why yet. Gimme a break, it's been a long day.
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