Oh lol.

Look what I found today 8D


A clear body V with a price that slaps any Squire, dean, Jay Turser in the face!

Omg, out of all the cheap Nock offs this one is probably one of the more "wow" ones.

I mean how often do you see such a popular shape and body material at such a low low price XD

I was wondering though, I mean plastic body. Wouldn't that combined with stock pickups (at this price) kinda butcher the tone?

Or would it just sound like any other $200 and below guitar?

In your opinions would this be a good "project" guitar?

Lets think, well We can see some re-sale value. If someone sees that this thing is clear and see-thru to the other side wont they think "Oh well... this has to be worth alittle bit of money" that and if you change the truss rod cover >_> to that of a gibson.

Hmmm I've never been one to change anything on a guitar (yet) but lets get some of the tinker'types out there to voice them selves on this bundle of "slap you in the face" quality :P
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Unless its some special kind of plastic, I don't know how well it would resonate. You could always replace the pickups, especially with that price. I think its worth looking into as a "project guitar".