Hello people of the bass forum. Anyone who has owned used the wooly mammoth, I would like to ask you one question. I've heard (on a demo video) from Zachary Vex that the wooly mammoth does not "work" (work well?) with active basses. Is this true?
You gotta shave their tusks once in a while, and always check the back of their left ear to know when they need to use the bathroom, so you're not left with a huge puddle of sh!t on your floor. Occasionally, some Cro-Magnons(sp?) will want to feed off of it if you leave it in your back yard for more than a day.
Active basses signals come out hotter then a passive. You could compensate by lowering the volume on your bass
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I realize that, but I would not like to have to roll back my volume everytime I decide to use the mammoth.