Is it easier to make a tube combo amp or a small tube head (like the zvex nano) and a single speaker cab?

Easier to make it tube or ss?
making a tube head vs. tube combo is pretty much the exact same thing.

in one, you make seperate enclosures for the head and cab, and with the other, you put it in the same enclosure. same electronics.

as for what you want to build, you havent given us much to work with.
theres tiny SS amps, like the ruby and little gem, that are super easy, but (again), super small.

www.ax84.com has some good tube kits/ lots of info, but I'd recomend you do a whole lot of reading before jumping into an amp build. it kind of just sounds like you just want to go ahead and build a kickass amp with no preliminary knowledge or anything. of course, that could be completely far off of what you intend to do, but yeah, research a lot before you build anything harder than a simple SS amp...
maybe start with some pedals if you dont have much electronics knowledge, as a way to kinda get started.
yeah im pretty much a total noob at all this but i just want to set a goal first.

i was actually thinking of making a pedal first lol. whats an easy one that will come in handy for me? reverb or something like that since my amp's reverb is sh!t.

thanks for your reply man.