Well I know someone in my town who had somehow did this right.

He had gotten a Crate brand Amplifier head and somehow took old stereo speakers and connectors to rig into a half stack.

I was wondering if it would work for me and how I would accomplish this.

I have many old stereo speakers around the house, would it be wise to build a wooden frame, stick them inside of it and put a cover and back on it and run a guitar head into them (somehow)?

You know, Me and my friends are starting a band and I don't have much money to be able to afford a very nice amp loud enough.
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I wouldn't do that but that is just me. By the time you figure all of that out and hope the speaker won't blow you might as well just buy a used cab (speaker cabinet) that is already wired and ready to go for the electric guitar.

Search on Google if you want to build a BYO Amplifier Speaker Cabinet and do it up!

You'll save money. If you guys know your wiring and soldering I'm sure you can figure something out, just don't crank it if they are smaller speakers (less than 10").


Edit: Match the ohms as closly as possible.
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