I plan on taking a trip to florida some time soon and I'm wondering how long it would take to get there (by car)

Anybody got any ideas?
don't come to florida it sux.
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5 Days (Estimating).

Just google it.
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That's a helluva trip. Don't expect to be able to feel your ass when you get there. (Cali >>> Florida anyhow...)
Hm somewhere between three years and a decade.
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it took me a day by plane.

and i think my friend said he made it from cali to kansas city in about 3 or 4 days so i think 5 days is about right.

and florida sucks anyways.
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well if i can make a trip from west michigan down to south texas in about 26 hours, it should be about 2 and a half days

i didnt drive the whole way though so its best you take someone to switch driving
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its about a week if you arent riding through the night, if your willing to ride through the night at some points, i would say its around 5 days.
depending on stopping time and traffic.

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