do you know what model of telecaster this is??? (im not talkign bout the blue one with courtney and a love heart scratched into it) its the one with the 3 sunburst colour i dnt know what model it is.
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Using "Inb4" is a warnable offence, you may want to get rid of that.

And I believe it was a good old fashioned tele. I mean like an MIA or MIM standard.

Google may help, or wikipedia.
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3). Sunburst Telecaster Custom, sent to Kurt by Fender in early 1994 (57), Japanese made (59). "Fender sent this out for the In Utero tour to replace the blue one (#1). Stock pickups were very shrill. After Kurt's coma in Rome, I thought modifying this guitar would make it a workhorse and get him away from the Mustang-Jaguar image. Hopefully get him perked up. I put on new tuners (Gotoh's - his favorite). A Tele bridge from Stew-Mac with a humbucker cut-out and individual saddles for each string. In the bridge, I put a Duncan JB - black, and in the neck, a new Gibson PAFF, potted with a Chrome cover. He got this 2 weeks before he died, and said it was his new favorite. He used it for the home recordings he was making with Pat" (41) and Eric Erlanderson in March 1994 in Kurt's basement (57).

http://www.kurtsequipment.com/ this is the site to go to for any questions about Kurt's gear.