so i've had this BC Rich Kerry King V for about a year now and im growing tired of it. I wouldnt have normally bought it but i got it at a doorbuster sale for 300 down from 900. It was a very impulse buy but it opend my eyes to V guitars which i like for the fret accessability (and rad looks )

I want to sell it and buy something more practical and well...better. But i want to know the best place to sell it. ive tried freinds and i nearly sold it but he ran into money issues. I cant sell ebay becoz my folks wont let me.

suggestions on where to sell in Perth Australia would be the best but ill settle for any suggestions
Uh oh watch out for that guy. Why don't you just tell him he's in the wrong forum, and direct him to the right one?

But look for local classifieds. Google something like "Australian Classifides"
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I think the best way / place to sell or buy products is online. You can get many options online from that you can easily sell your old guitar. Just try more to expose your product in the forum community it might be helpful for you to sell your old instrument,try it and see.

oh **** yeah my bad i had this, gear and electric forums all tabbed and i clicked on the wrong one soz ever1