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I usually put it on the left-most pickup when i'm playing, but one of my friends who is really good puts it on the very edge of his neck.
Every teacher I had says top pickup, unless your going for specific tones that you need to play on other parts of the bass to achieve.

I find that the area your friend puts his fingers to be very smooth, but it really has no punch.
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I usually put it on the left-most pickup when i'm playing, but one of my friends who is really good puts it on the very edge of his neck.

Is he just playing further from the bridge? That's just to get a different sound.
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I usually put it on the left-most pickup when i'm playing, but one of my friends who is really good puts it on the very edge of his neck.

It moves around with me, if i'm digging in hard and want a more "Aggressive" tone, i switch to bridge pup. If i'm going for a more mellow approach, it goes to the neck pup. If i'm wanting some fretboard clank, it'll rest on the fretboard. Sometimes I even rest it on the B string when i'm playing on the G string more often....I really should buy the Gary Willis ramp thingy.
For the lower 3 strings I rest my thumb on the neck pickup and for the upper 2 I either rest it on the very end of the neck or let it float.
Beridge pup on my jazz, on my precision I usually go on the pup, but if I'm looking for that bit of clarity so very often want/need, I try to float near the bridge.
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Floating. Rest the thumb 2 strings below the string I'm plucking.
i rest mine on the ridge of my tbird when im playing my tbird or i float depending on the mood
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I'm trying to get more floating in so I can implement my thumb better. it seems to be working.
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I switch positions, both vertically and horizontally. But most of the time I play at three set positions, as close to the bridge as possible, over the pickup and between the pickups. I usually rest my thumb on strings according to the piece I play and what strings are plucked.
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I used to rest on the neck pup all the time, if i moved to the bridge pup i'd start messing up just cause i'm not used to the strings feeling that taught. Thumb will mute the B or E string the pinky does the rest.

However, lately ive been working on plucking with the thumb, index, middle, and ring fingers so you are pretty much constantly floating with nothing you can do about it, its a trade off i'll happily accept though.
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I'll rest it either on the neck itself, or the outer edge of the body. I have a Cort Curbow 4-string, and the action is set so low that the pickup only sticks out about 3-4 mm out of the body, making it almost impractical to rest your thumb on it. The way the bass is designed though, it is actually quite well playable how I play it.
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i rest mine on the ridge of my tbird when im playing my tbird or i float depending on the mood

same here, or the pickups
on the pickup (precision), but I'm 90% plectrum anyway.

I'm considering investing in a thumbrest though...

EDIT: slack lies from me, i digress; i try to rest on the pickup but end up drifting to the neck joint sub-concoisly after a while...
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i float
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On the strings because I play with my thumb, index, middle, and on occasion ring finger. Just like a guitarist on guitar, but I'm a bassist on bass.
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It depends on what tone I want. Sometimes I'll float, other times I'll anchor on a pickup or strings. Sometimes I'll anchor on the fretboard. Other times I'll mute across all the strings at the saddles and play classical acoustic like. It's all dependant on what I want at the time.
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Depending on the sound I want: neck, neck p-up, bridge p-up.

+1, I play over the bridge pickup for an aggressive growl tone, between neck & bridge pickup for a more mellow tone and on the neck to sound like an upright bass.
I use the floating thumb technique almost all of the time
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normally on top of the pickups because I find it the most comfortable for me
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It really depends on what I"m playing and what bass I'm playing. I tend to float most of the time in jazz but anchor on the pups when playing blues.
On the pickup, on my bass its the same postion as on a H Stingray so I get a nice tight sound
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my jazz bass has a thumb rest. I usually rest on the E string on my P.
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I recently changed my technique slightly, making a huge difference. I used to rest my thumb on the face of the pickup, whichever I'd use, but now I plunk my thumb on the bass itself, resting against the pickup (i.e. infront of the pickup, leaning on it). It's given me a rounder tone, a better picking speed, and less of a wrist angle. Plus, for whatever reason, tighter string spacings do not bother me now.
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I have a VM TB P-Bass, so I have nowhere to rest it. I pretty much just let it fly free.
Used to stick my thumbnail under the pick guard, you can see by the worn area, this was before I refitted the chromeware prior to selling it.

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Low B, pickup, and floating.
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Neck or bridge pickup, bottom string, and sometimes on the body of my p-bass, if I'm playing it.
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my pickup is to small so i use the e string
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Floating thumb technique, however I often play with my thumb to get my upright tone, which I do on the fretboard, higher I go, lighter it sounds and more hollow.
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