Ok so here a game where you find/create the funniest joke edits on wikipedia that have actually slipped past the mods and remain on the final article. Heres one to get you started:


the quote from the article: "Many students who graduate from Crossroads College Prep go on to attend some of the most prestigious universities in the nation, including Ivy League schools like Yale, Dartmouth, Brown, and Hogwarts. '

Your turn
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My high school (Evanston Township) is rival schools with New Trier (the high school with the highest weed-smoking population amongst its students in the whole nation) which is in a close suburb. One ETHS student wrote:

'New Trier is also known for graduating the biggest pussies the world has ever seen, especially from their damned swim team'. And it stayed for about two months.
One of my friends edited the article on Rastafarianism to say "It's like Christianity with weed" earlier this year. I don't know if it got past the mods, I forgot to check. If it did it didn't last long.