I posted this in the bass forum but there was no response. I also tried the customization forum because it's kinda like building a guitar from scratch. No response there either. so I come to you for help. I am no expert on tone woods and such but want to get a carvin xb75 bass guitar in the somewhat near future and want to make sure I order the correct configuration for me.

The thing is, I hear the pickups may sound ok but if you put new ones in the bass can be godly in all respects. First we will focus on the build. I play with a tube amp (el34s) so I do get some warmth there, and also some bite which is great too. I like a nice warm tone most of the time, but want the versatility to get a brighter tone. And of course no mud. It must be a clear defined sound. The 35 1/4" scale should help against any mud but of course won't do a ton for it. The 3 band eq and passive/active switch should help too. So far this is my build. You may post opinions on changes and such but do try to keep them relevant to my needs. BTW I play classic rock in a cover band, and also am into power metal such as Dream Evil, Sonata Arctica. I also like sounds like in nuclear rabbit. Here's a link for a small example of what the sound i mean. The chorus shows it best. almost kinda farty. might involve an effect, i dunno.


I will get the "P" upgrade which is piezo pickups for more versatility

Koa body with maple neck. The koa should add some warmth while the maple will help keep it clear and defined(from my understanding of tone woods anyway)

Flame maple top but that shouldn't affect tone.

Not sure what to do with the body finish. Gloss is standard but it says i can get a Satin Matte finish. What's this like? I tend to like how my schecter's body feels. It's honey satin so maybe it's a honey type color with satin finish? i dunno.

Tung oil finish on back of neck because I don't like gloss finishes that come with the paint on the neck. First, I like a natural wood looking neck. Second, I feel my hands get stuck to the gloss finish.

Ebony fretboard is standard and I think it will look nice with my abalone diamond shaped inlays. Other options are maple, birdseye maple, and rosewood. I am not a fan of maple fretboards so rosewood is the only real other option here. I'm not sure which one's tonal qualities are right for this build but rosewood costs more(40usd) and ebony would look better so i'm going with that til I'm sure.

Stainless Steel medium jumbo frets. Although I do like the feel of my schecter and it has jumbo frets so maybe I should go with that...opinions?

MM humbucker in bridge and single(stacked humbucker) in neck. These will be changed out so it will just be MM and single (maybe stacked if i decide i like it)when that's done.

Will also have the strap locks but that doesn't really matter.

Ok guys go ahead tell me how I'm wrong. I need to know so i don't spend 1700 and not get the perfect thing for me. I will be going to stores and trying out basses of different woods and such as much as possible but since it's direct order only I can only do so much. Hoping to find some used carvins someplace but that's probably not likely.

You may also debate on good pickups for this as that will be my next question. I tend to like a good growly tone. If you think my bass just might bite your face off if you move too quick the tone is right! ok not that much but it must growl.
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