I do not watch it, as I am not an 80 year old widow.
wen i ask they say that they fall into the habit smhw ........but nyways i think there is a connection smwhere. Now i being a teetollar will not give into this habit nyhw

ROSIE !!!!!!
I hate her with a passion
" Did You know, in Tibet, if they want something, do you know what they do? They give something away."

"Do they ? That must be why they're such a dominant global power."
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Deidre Barlow.

Her acting is atrocious.

Turkey neck woman yes?
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Does the street itself count as a person?


THE ASTRAL PANDA σƒ τλε τρπ βπστλεπλσσδ


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I do not watch it, as I am not an 80 year old widow.

Neither do I it's just on in the background at my house right now and I hear my brother rant about it all the time
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Turkey neck woman yes?


She does this **** 'calling card' of hers where she kind of blinks rapidly and tuts when something's wrong.

In general she's just a ****e actor.
All of them at the hands of Grant Mitchell
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It's magic magic baby!

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I do not watch it, as I am not an 80 year old widow.
This. If I ever start watching it that would be a sure sign it's time to have me euthanised.
oh wait

sorry for the spoiler canadians and other foreigners that watch it. i knew a girl from canada that watched it. i was a bit suprised
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I don't think any words should be censored.

Especially faggot since homos aren't real people and all.

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Man City wont win anything and finish below Arsenal.

city: 3rd + FA cup winners.
arsenal: 4th
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All of them.
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maybe it's because i secrely agree that tracedin inymballsackistheb best album ever

he's got the fire and the fury,
at his command
well you don't have to worry,
if you hold onto jesus' hand
I'd kill Sally Wevster, she annoys me

Not that I watch it


Hull City A.F.C

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crunkym toy diuckl;ess ass ****igkjn ****** **** bitch ass pussy ****er douchecanoe ****** **** you s omn cnt you lieet le biutch
What the hell are you ****ers talking about?
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the old woman who's doing her son's mate. She's too old to wear those sort of things. Dirty cow :P

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I cut my tongue with a spoon.

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I'd kill Sally Wevster, she annoys me

Not that I watch it



She's been gone about 3 years...
I've been here since '04.


id kill you for watching it

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Everytime you feel your attention waning go the mirror and say outloud to yourself...
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But she has a couple of good points.

I'd say Dev. He's long overdue a hilarious death scene.

Dev is the funniest character ever

I'd catch Gail and David doing incest then kill both them in disgust.
Is Gail the woman who looks like one of her parents was a sheep?... Not her anyway, she annoys me, but there are more deserving. It's going to have to be Norris or Roy, or preferably they could kill eachother in a public fisting session gone horribly wrong
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Your signature is wrong, its technical soul you nigger.
Norris (I think that's his name, worked in the lil shop), always thought he was an annoying twat
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I'd kill Sally Webster, she annoys me

Not that I watch it




She is so annoying
Craig and Rosie when they were in their goth face

Urgh, i once jacked off to Shelly
David Platt. I hate him so much.
Actually, the whole family.

Did anyone see the scene where Dev was playing Guitar Hero? lol he had a tie around his forehead and was a right twat.

Steve and Norris are the best.