Hi everyone, I have a Z2 Series Sozo Guitar, you can check them out here at Sozoguitars.com It has 2 humbuckers, a 3 tone toggle switch, and a volume knob. I wanted to customize the electronics, put some good stuff in there because, I think the soldering is bad because my tone switch gives off some static noises, same with my volume pot when I turn the knob. Either way, it would seem like a good project to do with my friend who actually has experience with soldering and wiring.

I have a few questions...Is soldering easy? What solder works best with this?

Does anyone have GFS pickups? I'm looking at these Liverpool Vintage Alinco Pickups. It says bridge pickups but they are selling the neck pickups, do they work on both bridge and neck?

Also on the same website, they have the electronics I need to re-wire my electronics, which would you recommend? What's the difference between the 250k and 500k pots?

Sorry for the many questions, I might have more but this is all I have for now. I'm a noob at this and I've almost tried it before on a strat but it was more difficult because I was switching the bridge from a single coil to humbuckers so I just let someone certified to do that. I'll post pictures of my guitar when I get a chance to upload them if needed.
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To answer your first questions:

Yes, soldering is easy. Google it and read the online guides then get some wire and practice. Practice 'tinning' components like pots so the solder has a surface it can flow onto. I use 64/40 solder most DIY/electrical shops will have it.

Yes I have a GFS pickup ( ) the neck position HB will be slightly less 'hot' than the bridge to make allowance for the greater movement of the strings at that position. Incidentally they sell both on that page Neck=R13, Bridge=R14

HB's normally use 500k pots and SC's 250k. Using 250k on a HB would give you a darker tone. There's no electrical reason to use either, just the tone produced to the users tastes.

I'm not 100% sure on the NYIII pickups fitting into normal HB routes. I would say probably not but best to just email GFS (who are very helpful guys) and ask either, will it fit or what are the dimensions?

hope that helps

btw - there is an ultimate wiring diagram thread in this forum that would've answered your general questions.
oh....haha thank you very much. I only read like the first page of that thread and then made this one.
I emailed them and all they said was look at the picture with measurements. Some customer service haha! Has anyone put NYIII's on a Les Paul style guitar? Or anything with dual style humbuckers?

I haven't opened it yet but I'm pretty sure it's almost the same style.